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Do you love the outdoors?

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This may be the business opportunity that you've been waiting for...

Peace Island Tours, the Peace Regions' premiere get-away destination, will soon be for sale.

We're currently compiling a detailed list of company assets and determining their market value in order to establish a true and fair sale price and, at this time, we are accepting inquiries from interested parties.     

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Peace river, alberta

Your departure point for adventure is the town ofPeace River situated in the NorthWestern corner of the province of Alberta, Canada on the banks of the Mighty Peace River.

There are six hotels & motels, sixteen restaurants, an indoor swimming pool, and all amenities. We have many campgrounds, parks andgolf courses in and around our town and the history of the area is well presented in our museums and cairns.

Peace Rivers’ population is approximately 6,000 people with surrounding industry consisting primarily of of oil, gas, forestry, and farming. 

Northern Air flies into thePeace River Municipal Airport six days a week.